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This Friday the 26th of May 2023 at 8pm EST all hell will break loose in the Raptoreum community BF1942 server! The first ever Tankageddon Raptournament will be rolling on through, so grease your tracks and your turrets, and get ready to go.

Warmups start at 7pm EST, server will be restarted and password locked at 7:45pm.

Tankageddon Rules

  • You must be on Raptoreum Discord on voice channel bf1942
  • Tanks only, if you attack with anything else you will be disqualified
  • You must be in the server and ready to play by 7:50pm EST
  • No camping main base, do not shoot into enemies main base even if they are shooting out and hitting you. If you are getting hit from enemies main base you are too close, move away, draw them out

If you change teams or get disconnected your kill count resets, sorry thre is nothing I can do about this, go hard and try to catch up!