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We run at this time Desert Combat and Desert Combat Final, our server is located New Jersey and should give a decent ping even for those across the pond. This classic FPS is IMO one of the best FPS multiplayer of all time, even until this day.

EA shutdown the official servers many years ago and no longer offer the game for sale, I have dug up BF1942 HD which you can use to get started as well as the client files for Desert Combat and Desert Combat Final. You do not need a game key.

I searched far and wide to find good and what I believe to be clean files. They are mostly sourced from OG BF1942 communities who have been using them for years.

I have included scans so you can see them and make your own choice. I also scanned with MalwareBytes and Bitdefender out of an abundance of caution, they came back fine. You use these files 100% at your own risk. (see bottom of page for scan links)


Note: A big thank you to IceSkater from the Hello clan for helping me with files and the server setup when I got stuck!

How To Play

Download the client pack: here

1.) Open the Battlefield 1942 HD folder and install using “bf1942-hd-setup.exe”.

2.) Copy the patch “BF1942.exe” into your bf1942 install directory. (default is C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\)

3.) Install Desert Combat mod with “DesertCombat0.7FullInstall.exe”.

4.) Install Desert Combat Final with “dc_final_client.exe”.

5.) Launch the game, once in-game click “Update” on the server list and look for server. Or go to Add Server and use


Once the game has launched be sure to disable punkbuster by unmarking it:

You should also adjust your screen size:

Virus Total Scans

I have run additional scans with; Windows Defender, MalwareBytes, and Bitdefender out of an abundance of caution.






I look forward to seeing you in-game and hopefully on some of the matches and tournaments!