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The Battle of Berlin BF1942 Raptournament

I am going to do something a bit different on this tournament, it will be Vanilla 1942 instead of DC/DCF.

When: Saturday Oct. 14 @ 8PM GMT -4.

Number of Matches: 3 (time limit 30 minutes)

Map: Berlin, Conquest.

Rules: No base camping, don’t be an asshat, Charlie can win 😀

How to Win: Most accumulated points over the three matches. Remember turning flags + kills = points. Killing teammates =lose points.

Winners: There will be prizes  for 1rst, 2nd, and 3rd place.


  • First Place: A super cool, unique, epic, physical item which shall remain a mystery until the Cryptosmith stream. So hard to not spill the beans!
  • Second Place: 10k RTM
  • Third Place: 5k RTM

You should not miss out on playing this with us! The game will run on just about anything and does not take long to install. You can see how to get up and running here:

The Berlin (1942Vanilla) map will be put on repeat today, so get in-game and start honing your infantry skills!


Note: Server will be password locked 30 minutes before tournament start, join us on our Discord voice channel to get the password.