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Apache Wars a Raptournament

This Saturday the the 15th of April 2023 at 18:00 EST the first ever Apache Wars Raptournament will take place in the Raptoreum bf1942 (Desert Combat) community server.

NOTE: There will be 1 hour of practice, actual tournament start time is 19:00 EST.

The Prize

50,000 RTM + a special asset  on Raptoreum Blockchain when they are available on mainnet.

First: 35k

Second: 15k

How it Works and Rules

I am not sure on the format, it will depend on how many people show up. It could be a free for all with most kills as the winner, or a 1 vs 1 style Raptournament.


  • Enemy main base is off limits.
  • You can use main base to refill and repair but do not use it as an escape if you are getting your ass kicked!
  • Only one person allowed in each Apache, no gunners are allowed.
  • You cannot make any kills with anything other than an Apache, only air to air kills count.
  • You must be on Raptoreum Discord voice channel (bf1942) to participate.
  • Please be in the server and ready at 18:50, if you join after that you may not be allowed to participate.
  • Charlie cannot win but will be participating.

Server will be password locked at 18:45 EST. The Raptournament could take anywhere from a 1/2 an hour to 1.5 hour.


I have modded the El-Alamein day 2 map for this Raptournament and put it on repeat so you can practice your Apache skills. If you se me ingame this week and take me down Apache vs Apache I will send you some RTM. It must be 1 vs 1 air to air, no gunners!

You can see what I did to mod that map here:

Good luck all!