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Date & Time: April 1st at 6pm EST.

Prize: 100k RTM + special asset once they are available on mainnet.

Map: DC No Fly Zone

Objective: Most kills after 30 minutes, only air to air counts!

Teams: Depends how many people we have something like 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5 most likely.


– No base camping, stay away from others main base, give people a chance to get in the air!
You must register to participate, check below for form.
– Registration is closed 4 hours before the tournament.
– Collisions do not count as kills.
– You must be on Raptoreum Discord and in the BF1942 voice channel to participate.
– Server gets password protected 30 minutes before tournament starts.
– No helicopters, no stingers, just jets!

Time to polish those flying skills!!


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