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Registration for this event is now closed.

The first ever DCF (Desert Combat Final) tournament is going to take place 2023-03-18 at 18:00 zulu. The server will be password locked 30 minutes before the tournament. In order to participate you must be in the Raptoreum Discord in the #voice-chat channel.

Raptoreum Discord:

Where will it go down?

El Alamein Coalition hangar.

How does it work?

You must join the game using the same name as your Discord name on the Raptoreum Discord. Anybody with a name not matching who is in voice on Discord will be kicked. All players gather at the front of the hangar (outside) for 17:55 zulu. The first round of matches will have already been arranged (see rules) and we will begin at 18:00 zulu, don’t be late!

Each fight is a best of three, winner advances to round two, and so on.

The Rules

  • You must stay outside the front of the hangar, inside is only for those that are having a match. You go inside when not in a match, you get booted.
  • Only knives are to be equipped during the tournament, if you are equipping other weapons or otherwise faffin around you get booted.
  • Lag is not a valid excuse for losing.
  • While fighting you must stay inside the hangar.
  • There will be one observer / admin in the hangar watching, he is not to be touched.
  • You must register with the form at the bottom of this post. Registrations will stop being taken 3 hours before tournament start.

The Prizes

1st Place: 15k RTM and special asset on the blockchain when they are available, good for bragging rights and who knows what else..

2nd Place: 7.5k RTM

3rd Place: 3750 RTM

Matches are streamed  / recorded and your glory or shame forever available and public, good luck!


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